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We would like to give you a brief introduction to our project in Preddöhl.


Preddöhl is a little village in Brandenburg, Germany, about halfway between Hamburg and Berlin (from Berlin, it takes about 1.5 hours by car or train).

In 2008, we undertook to open an accessible guest house and retreat centre.

In Germany, this meant bridging a big gap, for this is one of the very rare places where people with and without disabilities can come together in a safe, comfortable, loving and respectful setting, to do different activities, as well as to just relax and enjoy.



The premises offer a wide range of settings with delightful hidden nooks, and everybody's welcome to stroll around and explore. There is a big field for outdoor activities, sports, or just hanging out and relaxing. You can also pitch your tent, look up in the night sky and admire the million stars visible overhead. A campfire area invites you to soak in the atmosphere, or enjoy a round of singing and homemade bread.


You can also find a herb garden on the grounds, and many secluded spots to sit. You can meet a lot of animals strolling around on the farm. The cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs like to be petted, and you can have a great laugh watching the chicken and ducks. All of the sheep like visitors, the ponies and horses invite you to go horseback riding, and the sled dog pack is eager to take you on a tour.


The animals are part of our education concept. Through the contact with the animals, children, especially, can work on and refine their social abilities like patience, sensitivity and self confidence. Here some of our offers:

self defence courses and empowerment trainings

various workshops concerning health and relaxation

different activities with the animals like sled-dog tours, horseback
    riding, and empowerment training through working with the animals.

All activities are for people with disabilities as well as for those without.



Wir haben hier die Bilder zur Arbeit wegen der DSGVO entfernen müssen


You are also welcome to come here and use the farm and the guest and seminar house for you own ideas and activities.


You can get further information:

via e-mail :info@preddoehl-international.de

or by phone :0049-(0)33986-50445

or with our contact form on page "Kontakt und Anfahrt"


We will do our best to answer all your questions.